Alma Analytics - Getting Started

Alma Analytics - Getting Started

The Basics from Ex Libris

  1. Intro video
  2. From the Knowledge Center
  3. Out of the Box Reports
  4. In Presentations and Documents
  5. Roadmap

Analytics Basics from PALS

  1. Primo VE
  2. Analytics for Functional Areas
  3. Sharing Reports

Some Intermediate Topics

  1. IPEDS
  2. Become an Expert series from Ex Libris (Filters and Functions!)
  3. Note that you will only get 2 million cells with the Formatted > Excel export format. Choose Data > CSV to get up to 10 million rows. If you want to be sure you don’t miss any data, display the number of rows on your report.
  4. Add Primo links to an analytics report
  5. Combining Information from multiple sources/reports
  6. If you need to change an OTB dashboard, beware of copy-paste because the paths will still link to the original. If you archive, then unarchive, it will work better.
  7. How often the subject areas are updated varies


  1. Managing COUNTER-Compliant Usage Data
  2. Troubleshooting Tips for COUNTER 5 SUSHI
  3. Harvesting Harvesting Usage Statistics Data via Counter/SUSHI Reports in Alma
  4. CARLI’s Information
  5. SUNY’s Information

Alma Analytics Data Visualization

  1. Articles from Ex Libris
  2. Videos from Ex Libris (If you want a good review: Analytics Data Visualization in Alma and Primo from 8/10/21)
  3. Visualizing Data in Oracle Analytics Server from Oracle

Some Advanced Techniques

  1. SQL Filter Examples
  2. Regular Expression Examples
  3. How to concatenate two or more fields in an Alma Analytics report
  4. How to conditionally change the text format in an Alma Analytics report
  5. How to make the report prompt date begin by default three months ago using SQL
  6. How to filter a report by current and previous academic years

For MnPALS members, if you are trying to do something specific with analytics and cannot get it to work, put in a ticket.
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    • What is New with OAS (Alma Analytics)

      We had a session November 17, 2020 and here are the slides and recording: Slides Recording What We Covered I had some technical difficulties at the beginning, so I trimmed that off of the recording. You are welcome to skip ahead or replay as you ...
    • How to Share Alma Analytics Reports

      You have options here: 1 - You can save a report to your institutional folder in Analytics: Shared Folders/XYZ College/ 2 - You can save a report to our MnPALS shared folder: Shared Folders/Community/Reports/Consortia/MNPALS/ To share a draft report ...
    • Getting Better E-Resources Counts for IPEDS

      For practical tips, see our documentation: Finding Data for IPEDS. How did we get here? Some highlights: We started moving ERM to the NZ in 2020 and had to rework our analytics approach for IPEDS. There is not one right way to do this work. ...
    • Alma Analytics - Combining Information

      Do you need to combine information from different places such as multiple subject areas in Alma Analytics? Or maybe you need to combine data from outside analytics with data in Alma Analytics? You have several options: Creating a Multi-Subject Area ...