What is New with OAS (Alma Analytics)

What is New with OAS (Alma Analytics)

We had a session November 17, 2020 and here are the slides and recording:

What We Covered

I had some technical difficulties at the beginning, so I trimmed that off of the recording. You are welcome to skip ahead or replay as you wish:
  • Recap – 1:33
  • What is different – 3:00
  • New features overview – 4:10
  • Naming best practices in the Shared Folders – 6:09
  • Examples
    1. Heat matrix for circulation – 9:36
    2. Bar chart for loans/month – 13:00
    3. Line graph for resource sharing by month and format – 24:18
  • Resources – 26:43
  • Back to example 3 – 30:05
  • Question on export formats - 33:41
  • Question on forecast visualization – 36:10



And remember if you need a review of the basics of Analytics, there are resources here.


I had a follow up task . . . the problem with the continuous color was that it had popped Loans (Not In House) into the Color box and we needed to put both Loans (In House) and Loans (Not in House) in the Values (Y-Axis) box to get the nice stacked bar chart.


Look for more about Network Zone analytics coming soon.

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