General resource management clean-up tasks

General resource management clean-up tasks

  Periodic searches in Alma, once or twice a year, to find discrepancies and general clean-up tasks.

1. Ensuring that fully cataloged records are shared with the Network Zone.

Advanced Physical titles search -> Is Linked = No   PLUS

AND OCLC Control Number (035a) -> Is Not Empty 

The search retrieves bibliographic records in the IZ, but the bibliographic record includes OCLC numbers. Review the list before sharing the bibliographic records with the Network Zone.  

a. Managing the Set

  1. Save the Set by clicking on the ‘Save and Filter Query’ button, entering a set name, and clicking Save.
  2. It is always a good idea to itemize the Set before making any changes.
  3. Retrieve the Set via the Admin menu -> Manage Sets 
  4. From the Set’s ellipses, choose Itemize. 
  5. Once Alma itemizes the Set, return to Manage Set and find your itemized Set. Now you have the opportunity to remove records from the itemized set by choosing Members
  6. from the Set’s ellipsis. Select the records to remove. Next, choose Remove Selected.

b. To share the Set of records with the Network Zone

  1. From the Admin menu, choose Run a Job.
  2. Find the ‘Link a set of records to the Network Zone’ job, select the job and click Next.
  3. Select the itemized Set, and click Next.
  4. For the Serial and Non-Serial Match method, choose ‘Unique OCLC Identifier Match Method’.
  5. Select the ‘Contribute IZ records’ button and click next.
  6. Review the selection and click run.

2. Finding bibliographic records without holdings 

Advanced All Titles search, scoped to the Institution Zone.

Search Has Inventory = No

Retrieves bibliographic records that do not have a holding record attached in Alma. Please note that the search will retrieve records part of a ‘bound-with’ relationship.


3. Finding holding records without items

Advanced Physical titles search

Search Has items = No

Retrieves holding records with missing item records. 


4. Finding item records without barcodes

Advanced Physical items search

Search Barcodes -> Is empty


5. Finding Aleph migrated short bibs (STA Fields)

Advanced All titles search

Search STA fields -> Contains keywords -> * will find every bibliographic record with an Aleph Status field or enter the STA value, for example, circ-created, acq-created, etc.

a. Records with OCLC numbers

  1. If you find a full bibliographic record with an OCLC number linked to the NZ, delete the STA field from the bibliographic record. To delete the STA field edit the bibliographic record, click on the STA field, and from the Editing Actions menu, choose Remove Field (Ctrl+F6).
  2. If the bibliographic record includes an OCLC number and is not linked to the Network Zone, link the record to the Network Zone. Open the bibliographic record to edit. From the Records Action menu, choose Share with Network. 
  3. If it is a record you no longer have on the shelf, please delete it from Alma.

b. If you find a short bibliographic record with no OCLC number.

  1. Determine if you still have the item. Delete the record if you no longer have the item.
  2. If the record is linked to the Network Zone, unlink the record.
  3. If you choose to keep the short bibliographic record, make any changes to the metadata via the Metadata editor and delete the STA field. Click into the STA field, from the Editing Actions menu, choose Remove Field (Ctrl+F6)


6. Migration leftover items in Technical Migration status

Items with a Technical Migration status are considered by Alma not in place and therefore not available to your patrons.
  1. Advanced Physical items search
  2. Search Process Type = Technical Migration
  3. Retrieves all items with Technical Migration Status. Review the records 
  4. Withdraw items that are no longer needed, or on the shelf, etc..
  5. For items that you want to retain and make available to patrons clear the Technical Migration status.

Clearing Technical Migration status

  1.  Create a physical item Set.
  2. From Admin -> Run a Job -> Change Physical Items job -> select the Set.
  3. Scroll down to the Missing Status box, select the button and type Missing into the Missing Status box.
  4. Click next and run the job.
  5. Once the job finishes running, return to the Change Physical Items job using the same set.
  6. Scroll down to the Missing Status box, select the button but his time leave the Missing Status box empty.
  7. Click next and run the job. This will clear the Technical Migration status from the items. The items are now 

7. Delete No Title in PALS records

These records are leftover from the migration PALS to Aleph, they can be deleted from Alma.
  1. Physical titles search -> Keyword -> No title in PALS.
  2. Save the query -> Enter a Set name -> Save
  3. Admin -> Run a Job -> Withdraw Items Job -> select 'Delete holdings delete bibliographic records that have no other holdings.'
  4. These records are old and do not have requests or work order. Do not select any boxes related to requests or work orders.
  5. Click Next -> Submit -> Confirm.

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