SpineOMatic Webapp

SpineOMatic Webapp

SpineOMatic is available via Alma’s Cloud App Center. Enable the Cloud App Center via Alma’s Configuration menu. The App Center icon becomes available on Alma’s homepage. Select the SpineOMatic App. 

Enabling the Alma Cloud App Center 

Configuration -> General -> General Configuration -> Cloud Apps Configuration 
Click on “Enable Cloud Apps.” 
After the Activate Cloud Apps page opens, read through the terms. Select the “Terms above acknowledged and agreed” box and click on “Activate Cloudapps for 01MNPALS_XXX.” 
Return to Alma’s homepage and log off Alma. (For configuration changes to take effect, logging off Alma and logging back on is often necessary). 
After logging back into Alma, the Cloud App Center appears in the upper right corner. 
Please note that sometimes the Cloud App Center icon appears under the more menu (three dots). 

Setting up the Spine-O-Matic Cloud App 

Click on Cloud App Center to open 
Choose Available Apps. 
Scroll down the list of available apps to select SpineOMatic. 
Click on Install. 
After installation, click on Open. 
In the orange banner, choose “Click here to configure.” 


Click on the plus sign. 
Give the template a name and click OK. 
In the label contents field, choose the field(s) to add to the spine label. 
If you want the call number to display in two lines, scroll down to Other Options and expand the Call number. 
Select “Line breaks between call number parts.” 
The call number parsing is controlled via Configuration -> Resources -> General -> Call Number parsing. 

Ex Libris documentation show what each parsing routine looks like: 

Click on Save.


Click over to Layouts. 
Click on the plus sign. 
Two pre-defined choices are available (Avery 5160 or Avery 5163) from the Layout based on the dropdown. Choose one of the layouts if applicable. 
If pre-defined choices do not apply, leave the “layout based on” blank, enter a name, and click OK.  
Fill in the measurement units to fit local labels. 

Using the Spine-O-Matic Cloud App 

Open the Spine-O-Matic Cloud App  
Scan in barcodes 
Scan in individual barcodes, pressing enter after each barcode. 
Click Next. 
Select a layout and select a template 
Click on Print labels 
Using a set 
Create a Physical Item set 
Open the Spine-O-Matic Cloud App 
Select the Set button 
Start to enter the set name and click to select 
Click Next 
Select a layout and a template 
Click print labels. 

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