MnPALS Simplified Cataloging using OCLC Record Manager (formally CatExpress)

Simplified Cataloging using OCLC Record Manager (formally CatExpress)

CatExpress users must switch from using the Connexion Browers to using WorldShare Record Manager by April 30, 2024. CatExpress users have access to Record Manager with your subscription.

For assistance accessing Record Manager, contact OCLC.

1. Setting up Record Manager for Export

Sign on to Record Manager.
Click on the Metadata tab.
Expand the Record Manager folder
Select User Preferences.
Expand Exporting - Bibliographic Records.
Update the General Tab with the format to MARC 21 with UTF-8 Unicode.

Further, make updates on search preferences under User Preferences.
Expanding the Working with Bibliographic Records tab to update the default Library Holding code. The purpose of the holding code in MARC field 049 in WorldShare Record Manager is to update holdings in WorldCat. There is no functionality assigned to the 049 on the Alma side.
Update the default Classification Scheme.
Click Save

2. Navigating WorldShare Record Manager

From the search results, use the facets to narrow down results.

3. Cataloging

Click on the title to open the bibliographic record. Note that with a CatExpress subscription, you cannot change the bibliographic record.
Click on the Add Local Data button.
Enter a call number.
Enter your library code into the Location field.
Enter the location into the Sub-Location field.
Enter the barcode of the item.
Enter a local note if needed. In Alma, the local note translate to MARC field 590.
Click the Set Holdings and Export box. Clicking the box updates holdings in WorldCat and sets up the export process.

4. Exporting

After clicking the Set Holdings and Export box, an Add to Bibliographic Records Export List box opens.
Click New List to create the file (list), and enter a meaningful name.
The list is used to export the bibliographic records to your computer.
Once the list has been created, highlight the list and click "Add" to move the bibliographic record to the list for export.
Below the search area, click on Export Lists.
Select either all or specific bibliographic records to export.
Click the Export All button, and next choose Send to my Computer.

5. Importing into Alma*

Check to ensure that the encoding format is UTF-8 in the Alma Import Profile.
      Resources -> Manage Import Profiles ->  Find the CatExpress Import Profile -> Choose Edit from the ellipses -> On the Profile Details tab update the Encoding format to UTF-8 and       click Save.
From the Resources menu -> Import choose the RecordManager NZ CatExpress Import, import profile.
From the ellipses choose run.
Click on Select File, navigate to the downloads folder (or to the location on the computer the file was downloaded to).
Click Add and next click Submit.

6. Deleting holdings from WorldCat using Record Manager   

Retrieve the bibliographic record.
Click on the title to open the record.
From the WorldCat Holding button, choose delete.

* Copying the Import Profile to the Institution Zone

Resources menu -> Import -> Manage Import Profile -> Network Zone tab -> OCLC Record Manager Simplified -> Ellipsis choose Copy.
Choose WorldCat in the Original System field and set the status from Inactive to Active.
Click Save. 
Note the import profile imports records to the Network Zone.
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