Set-Up CatExpress to Import Bibliographic Records to Alma

Set-Up CatExpress to Import Bibliographic Records to Alma

Instructions for setting up CatExpress to import bibliographic records from CatExpress to Alma.

1. File Management

To make file management easier on your computer, create a destination folder to move the file from CatExpress to your computer. For example, choose the desktop and create a folder, and name it OCLC Files.  The file will be later used to import bibliographic records to Alma.

2. CatExpress

Log into CatExpress
From the General tab -> Admin Options -> choose Preferences from the dropdown.
Click back to Preferences, choose Export Options.
In the Work form, select the following values:
a. Enter a file name keeping the .dat extension, click 'Save my Default.'
b. Return to Preferences ->Express Options -> Choose default View and Call Number.
c. Choose default Label Format if you print labels.
d. Enter a Holding Code and Default Location.
e. Click 'Save my Default.'

3. Cataloging

Find the bibliographic record to catalog by clicking on the Express tab. Enter a search term in the search bar. Limit the Language of Cataloging to English. 

a. Click on the title to open the bibliographic record.

b. Edit record -> In the location (852) area, enter the item information
      SubLocation ($b) = three letter library code
      Shelving Location ($c = location code
      Barcode ($p) =barcode of the item

c. Save to Catalog
      The 'save to catalog attaches your holdings in OCLC and places the record into the CatExpress download area.

4. Downloading

a. From the Other Options dropdown menu, choose Download Export Files.

b. Click the box under the Select column to select the file, click Download. 

c. The file moves to the computer; look for the file in your Downloads folder if you choose to move the file to the OCLC desktop file. 

d. Open Alma, navigate to Resources -> Import -> select CatExpress Book Import Profile -> choose run from the ellipsis -> navigate to the file from CatExpress. 

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