Reporting Alma Primo Performance Issues

Reporting Alma Primo Performance Issues

Occasionally Alma or Primo will be very slow to respond or not open at all.  This article will give you some troubleshooting tips.
PALS tips
1. Try logging in with a different Browser.
2. Restart the computer.
3. Check with your colleagues to see if anyone else experiences the same issues.
4. Check your email. PALS staff will share outages via the mailing list. Sign-up for the list serve, here.
5. Open a Support ticket with PALS. Opening a ticket is important, it can give the PALS staff a sense if the problem is isolated or widespread.

Ex Libris may require the following information to assist them to diagnose the problem.
1. What is your "source" IP Address / the IP Address of your computer that was used during the replication of the issue?
2. Provide a trace route
  1.  A Trace Route is a command line tool in windows which 'traces' and logs the information of a packet being sent from the current computer/IP address to the destination IP Address or Network.
  2. This can be done by running the following command in the CMD interphase (can be opened by running 'cmd' in the Windows 'Run' interphase:
  3. Windows – tracert
  4. The output should be copied after approximately 2 minutes and attached to the case.
4. Provide a MTR file
A MTR file allows us to check the routing/connection information between your computer and the Alma Server for diagnosing purposes.
  1. In order to do that, the the following application can be used:
  2. Once downloaded, you can open it and input the target server hostname (for example, and click start:
    After 2 minutes, please click 'Export TEXT' and attach the exported file to the case.
  3. Ideally, our Cloud/Network Teams would want an MTR from when the connection works as expected, and an MTR from when network interference is experienced so they can better compare the two for any issues.
5. HAR File:
HAR file - we would want a HAR file from when the connection works as expected, and an HAR from when network interference is experienced.
Instructions on how to generate a HAR file can be found in the following knowledge article, here.

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