Recap on the Script for StarID Failures

Recap on the Script for StarID Failures

Minnesota State sometimes has password sync problems that affect students across campuses. They might need to be patient after changing their passwords – one of our libraries was told it can take up to 8 hours to sync everywhere!

We have a script that sends an email report of your StarID failures so you can reach out to people with this problem.
  1. It runs at 6:30 am each day for the previous day.
  2. It reports on only the logins that did not have any success.
  3. If the login is formatted like a StarID, it checks if it is in the Minnesota State StarID database. If it is, it includes the email addresses. If not it still includes the entries from the audit log.
  4. The other failed logins are included at the end of the report. (Might be helpful for some troubleshooting.)
  5. We didn't check their StarID permissions, so a few might need follow up for that.

For the weird items at the bottom of the emails - often you won't be able to follow up on these if they are typos. Sometimes email addresses, barcodes or Techids show up here, so you could follow up on those. These are people who aren't getting the StarID field right as opposed to the people with the password problems.

wronglibrary.htm shows up sometimes off to the right - Those tend to mean that they can log in, but they don't have the right permissions in their StarID record for your institution.

When it doesn't say wronglibrary.htm off to the right, those are likely the Minnesota State password problem.

Checking the StarID permissions is a tricky process. Your local IT could look it up for people or you can send PALS a ticket. Also, if you need to change who is receiving the StarID failures report, put in a ticket.

Here is some sample text for the patron email to get you started - feel free to change it as needed . . .

Dear ____,
The Minnesota State system office is having password sync problems which cause login failures. If you have trouble logging in to resources with your StarID, please reset your StarID password:

If you continue to have problems after that, please contact your library staff:

Thank you,
XYZ Library

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