Primo VE: Usage Statistics

Primo VE: Usage Statistics

Is there a way to get statistical usage from our Primo online public access catalog, Library Search?

Yes there is, via the Primo Analytics options in Alma:
  1. In Alma, from the top dropdown choose Analytics
  2. Design Analytics (Primo)
  3. Left hand set of folders, choose Shared Folders | Primo Usage | Dashboards
  4. There should be an option Example Dashboard. Click Open
That Example Dashboard will have several tabs you can choose from:

Actions | Devices | Facets | Sessions | Popular Searches | Zero Results Searches

It looks like most of the tabs have options to break down the results per month.

Additional information can be found through the Ex Libris Primo VE Analytics Training as well.
Let PALS know if you have specific questions or report suggestions.

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