Primo VE/Resource Sharing (ILL) Form: Move radio button options closer to descriptive text

Primo VE/Resource Sharing (ILL) Form: Move radio button options closer to descriptive text

On my Primo VE Resource Sharing (Interlibrary Loan) request form, my patrons have mistakenly selectied the radio button associated with the Digital format when they actually want to select the button for Photocopies. I think the problem is due to the spacing. The radio button associated with each choice is closer to the next choice. As a user, I would be easily confused by that. Would it be possible to adjust the code for the request form so that the radio buttons are closer to their options and maybe even further away from the next option?
We are able to adjust the custom1.css file in your Customization package to better space out the radio button and related text:



Add the following line to custom1.css:

/* Description: Added line below to fix formatting of radio buttons/labels */
 primo-explore:not(.__xs) .wide-form prm-form-field md-input-container md-radio-button {
    padding-right: 75px;

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