POL overlay with an import profile

POL overlay with an import profile

Using Import Profiles based on POL matching with physical materials after creating a brief record in the Institution Zone. 
Note: Do not use if you receive order records via an EOD file from a vendor. Also, if using a bibliographic record from the Network Zone, note that the import profile needs to be using the NZ.


1. Enter a short bibliographic record

Option 1
Creating a bibliographic record
Resources -> Open Metadata Editor -> File -> MARC21 Bibliographic
Enter bibliographic information, the record must include 245 (title).
Click Save -> next click the shopping cart icon.

Option 2
Pulling in a bibliographic record from OCLC via Search Resources
Resources -> Search Resources -> Enter search term(s) -> Click import -> Save -> click the shopping cart icon.

Option 3
Search the Network Zone to retrieve a record -> Edit Record
Save the record and click on the shopping cart icon.

2. Enter POL information

Enter PO line type, PO line-owner, and click on create PO Line

Enter a material supplier, list price, quantity. You will need to enter a fund and acquisition method.
Note: Manual packaging creates one PO (order) with one POL (title). If you do not select manual packaging and choose 'Save and Continue' that creates one PO (order) with multiple POL (titles). The packaging job runs in the evening to automatically combine the orders.

Under the 'additional' accordion, you MUST enter MARC field 982 in the additional PO Line Reference field.

3. Receiving

Select the Acquisition Department
From the Acquisition Menu -> Receiving and Invoicing -> Receive -> Select the item -> From the ellipses choose Manage Items.
Enter the barcode -> Choose 'Keep in Department' -> Select copy cataloging -> click save and receive.

4. OCLC (Cataloging)

Search OCLC for the title and do your general copy cataloging activities in OCLC.
Add MARC field 982 in OCLC with the POL number.
      To retrieve the POL in Alma. Retrieve the record, click on the number 1 next to Orders. The POL number is in the Order line field.
In OCLC, enter MARC tag 982 subfield 'a' POL-###.
Export the bibliographic record.

5. Importing

Import the bibliographic records using a POL Overlay Import Profile
Resources -> Import -> Import -> click on the ellipses next to the the POL Overlay Import Profile -> Choose run.
Navigate to the file on your computer -> enter a label and click add. On the next screen, click Submit and refresh until the job finished running.
Once the import profile job is completed, choose the report from the action menu.   
From the Bibliographic Records Imported accordion -> from the Total Records Imported line, select the action menu -> choose to Create Itemized Title set.  
Adjust the set name if needed -> Submit -> Confirm. 
From the Admin menu -> Run a Job -> Search for “Link Network” in the description field. 
Choose “Link a set of records to the Network Zone” job -> next -> choose the Itemize Import job -> Click next.  
For the Serial match method and Non-Serial match method, select the Unique OCLC Identifier Match Method and select the Contribute IZ records button -> Next -> Submit -> Confirm. 

7. Mark Item as Done

From the Acquisition menu -> Post Receiving Processing -> Receiving Department Items -> Search for title -> Select the title from list -> choose Done. 

Give items to the Circulation Desk; Circulation Desk Operator will have to scan in item(s). After the scan, the item is “on the shelf.” Skip this step if acquisition receiving happens at the circulation desk.  

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