PO Line Types and Attributes

PO Line Types and Attributes

POL Types

PO Line Types = Purchase Type + Order Continuity

The purchase type describes the resource you are purchasing. You can use a more descriptive term in the POL Material Type and Item record's Material Type fields. Purchase Types include:
  1. Print Book
  2. Print Journal
  3. Electronic Book
  4. Electronic Journal
  5. Several others
The three possible order continuity options:
  1. Continuous
    1. As defined by Ex Libris: Orders that are repeated on a regular basis, for example, monthly subscriptions to physical or electronic materials such as journals. Physical material is received on the Continuous tab on the Receive New Material Page. Holdings are created upon PO line creation (for each run of the series in a location) and items are created...[by use of a] prediction pattern...[or] upon receipt of the issue or bound volume. Electronic material goes through the standard activation process and may be deactivated during the evaluation process. The PO line remains open once it is invoiced and received/activated (although it can be closed manually).
    2. Examples of Continuous:
      1. People
      2. Nature (electronic subscription)
      3. EBSCOhost CINAHL with Full Text (electronic collection subscription)
  2. One-time
    1. As defined by Ex Libris: One-time or infrequent orders, such as a printed book, an e-book, or a musical score that is not published repetitively.... Holdings and items are created automatically, with one holdings begin created for each unique location, and one item for each copy. Electronic material goes through the standard activation process and remains activated indefinitely. Once the PO line is invoiced and received/activated, it is closed.
    2. Examples of One-time purchases:
      1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (book)
      2. Ralph Breaks the Internet (DVD)
      3. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (electronic book)
  3. Standing Order
    1. As defined by Ex Libris: Orders that are not repeated on a frequent or regular basis. Used, for example, for purchasing all the printed books by a particular author when they are published, or where a series of books are being published, but not necessarily on a regular basis. Physical monograph material is not received on the Receive New Material page. Instead, it is created manually by creating or choosing a bibliographic record, creating a holdings record, and then creating an item record, which you associate with the standing order PO line. You set a receipt date for the item in the Physical Item Editor.
    2. Examples of Standing Order purchases:
      1. Reference series (something like Opposing Viewpoints)
      2. Scholarly publication series for specific areas (science, theology, etc.)

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