Overlaying short bibliographic records from OCLC

Overlaying short bibliographic records from OCLC

Overlaying a brief bibliographic record in the Institution Zone, match based on OCLC number. The process begins with the order record, updating the short bibliographic record with an OCLC number, and importing the complete bibliographic record from OCLC. 
Do NOT use for order records received from a vendor via an EOD field. 
Do NOT use for bibliographic records linked to Network Zone. 

1. Creating a short bibliographic record

Resources -> Open Metadata Editor -> File -> New -> MARC21 Bibliographic -> IZ Book Template (Default) 

Enter bibliographic record information. At a minimum, enter a title into MARC field 245 subfield a.  

Additional fields:  
  1. Author: 100 subfield a 
  2. ISBN: 020 subfield a 
  3. ISSN: 022 subfield a
  4. Edition: 250 subfield a
  5. Publisher: 264 subfield b, publication date subfield c 
Save the bibliographic record using the Save icon. Saving the bibliographic record creates the bibliographic record in the Institution Zone. 

2. Ordering the title, using the short bibliographic record

While the short bibliographic record is open, click on the shopping cart (Order) icon. 

Select the PO Line Type and PO Line Owner and click Create PO Line. 

Enter order information, minimum requirements: 
      Material Supplier 
      List Price 
      Quantity for Pricing 

PO Line Details
      Acquisition method 
      Material type 
      Reporting codes 
      Option to Select “Manual packaging,” to place the order immediately, click “Order Now.” 
      Leave “Manual packaging” uncheck for adding multiple POLs (titles) to an order. Add POLs to the order or use “Save and Continue.” 

3. Receiving the Item

Select the Acquisitions Department on Alma’s homepage from the dropdown in the banner. 
From the Acquisition Menu -> Receiving and Invoicing -> Receive -> Select Item -> From ellipses choose Manage Items. 
Select the Record -> Enter a barcode -> Choose “Keep in Department” (keeps the item unavailable for checkout) -> Select cataloging department -> Click Save and Receive. 

4. Cataloging in OCLC

Search and perform general copy-cataloging activities in OCLC (Connexion or CatExpress). 

Export bibliographic record(s) from OCLC. 

5. Import full bibliographic record to Alma

In Alma, retrieve and open to edit the bibliographic record using the title or barcode. 

Enter the OCLC number into MARC field 035 subfield a, including the OCLC prefix. (Indexing the OCLC in Alma may take a couple of minutes, please wait a couple of minutes before importing the full bibliographic record. If the OCLC number is not indexed, Alma will not find the match). 

Edit record to open bibliographic record 
      From the Editing Actions menu, choose Add Field (F8) 
      035 $$a (OCoLC)123456 
      Click the Save icon 

Importing bibliographic record 

Use an Institution Zone import profile that matches based on OCLC number. See instructions to create an import profile.  
Resources -> Import -> Import -> click the ellipses next to the Import Profile that uses the Institution Zone -> choose run from the dropdown. 
Navigate to the File on the computer -> enter a label and click add. 
On the following screen, click submit. Next, click refresh until the job finishes running. 

6. Sharing the bibliographic record with the Network Zone

One bibliographic record at one-time option, open the record in the Metadata Editor, from the Record Actions menu, choose Share with Network. 

Share bibliographic records with the Network Zone using a job. 

Admin -> Monitor Jobs -> History tab, find the recently imported records job. 
From the ellipses, choose the report. 
From the Bibliographic Records Imported accordion, click on the ellipses, choose preview records. 
Click on save a query, fill in the set information. 
Admin -> Run a Job -> choose the job “link a set of records to the Network Zone” -> select the set saved in step d -> for serial match method and non-serial match method choose “Unique OCLC Identifier Match Method” -> select the Contribute IZ records box. 

7. Marking Item as Done

From Acquisition menu -> Post Receiving Processing -> Receiving Department Items -> Search for title -> Select title from list -> choose Done. Skip this step if acquisition receiving happens at the circulation desk. 
Give items to the Circulation Desk. The circulation Desk Operator will have to scan in item(s). The item is now “on the shelf.” 

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