Open Access Usage

Open Access Usage

This is a difficult area - it can be hard to track usage for items that are open.

We wish that we could get this from Primo analytics, but it does not currently do anything with open access according to the Ex Libris documentation.

There is an Open Access field in the Link Resolver subject area in Alma Analytics. Read more here.

If you have imported all your COUNTER reports into Alma, you might want to check out this dashboard: E-Resources Dashboard (CMU).

Currently, the best usage data is from your vendors. Be sure to understand COUNTER - a few resources:
  1. Watch this video for more details: Using Release 5 reports to understand usage of open access content
  2. Read this article: COUNTER 5: Lessons Learned and New Insights Achieved
  3. Read this guide: The Friendly Guide to COUNTER for Open Access

Relatedly, you might be interested in this guide: Data sources for analyzing open access offers from publishers.

For IPEDS Specifically

Note that the instructions are slightly different for usage and title counts . . .
  1. For the title counts: Include open access (OA) titles if the individual titles are searchable through the library’s catalog or discovery system. Do not count e-book or e-serial titles from HathiTrust, Center for Research Libraries, Internet Archive, and similar collections unless the library owns the digitized item and it is accessible under current copyright law.
  2. For usage: Include the count for open access e-journal usage if the title is accessible through the library’s catalog or discovery system.
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