Network Zone Copy Cataloging Workflow

Network Zone Copy Cataloging Workflow

Basic copy-cataloging workflow using bibliographic records from the Network Zone.

Searching the Network Zone 

In Alma, perform an All Titles, Title, or ISBN/ISSN search, using the Network Zone search scope. 

Adding Inventory 

Click to edit the record from the Network Zone tab, and the bibliographic record opens in Metadata Editor. 
Click on Add Inventory.
Choose Add MARC21 Holdings Books (Default).
Holding record opens on the right, fill in holding information. 
The first indicator of the 852 determines the call number type. More information:  
Call number mapping (Configuration -> Resources -> Other -> Call number mapping) determines which call number pulls into the holding record from the bibliographic record. 
Ctrl F opens the holdings editor. Enter the library into 852 subfield b, and enter the location into 852 subfield c. 
Click Save. If a call number is present in the bibliographic record, it will populate the holding record. 
Click Add Inventory again. 
Choose Add Item. 
Fill in the Item Editor page. 
Click Save. 

The bibliographic record, holding, and item record now reside in the Institution Zone. Remember to log into WorldCat to update your library‚Äôs holdings using the OCLC number in MARC field 035 subfield a. 
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