Islandora Model Management

Model Management

Selecting the correct Model type in Islandora sets the stage for how the object will be processed and displayed to the user.
Commonly used Model Types
File type
mp3, wav
Binary - Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Text files. Please note that no thumbnails will be generate and the documents cannot be full-text-searched.
txt, rtf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, pdf, odf, odg, odp, ods, fodt, fods, fodp, fodg, tiff, jp2
Compound Object - select for titles when multiple objects are associated with the title. For example, a title that includes several documents of the same or different type. For example, a picture and pdf file.

Digital Document - used when uploading PDFs.
tiff, jp2, jpg, png
Newspaper - main Newspaper Title

Publication Issue - use for issue (child level) of Newspaper. For individual pages use Model Page.

Paged Content - use for multi-page objects, such as books
tiff, jp2
Page - select for individual pages related to model Paged Content or Publication Issue 
tiff, jp2

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