MnPALS patron can search MNLINK and create an ILL request

MNLINK Discovery and Alma resource sharing requests

MnPALS patrons can search MNLINK and create resource sharing requests. These requests will be transferred into Alma. Staff will use Alma to update the ILL request. Patrons will see the request and updates in their Primo account.

A patron can search MNLINK
MNLINK search

Select the title they want to request and click on "Request Item"
Create ILL request

The patron will be presented with a login screen. 

“Library Barcode”- The patron needs to use their library barcode to login. 

“PIN/Password”- This field can be left blank. If the patron enters a "PIN/Password" it is ignored.

“Pickup Location”- Leave as 1. My Library.  Leave the default value of "1. My Library"

“Login”- click on “Login” to submit the form 

After the patron logins, information about the selected item will download into a request form.  The "Pickup Location" must have the text "Managed By MnPALS". 
The patron must click on "Request" at the top or bottom of the form to enter the request. 
Request form with information

The patron will get a confirmation of the request. The request will be transferred into Alma. The transfer time from MNLINK to Alma is about five minutes

Confirmation of request

The patron will see the request in Primo.

Library staff will update the request in Alma. The "Notes" field will have the text "MNLINK".
Request created in MNLINK in Alma

A patron with a blocked or expired library card will not be able to login to MNLINK. The patron with a blocked or expired record will get a message "Login was not successful". The patron's record will be to be corrected in Alma.

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