Defining a default library in a multi campus environment

Limiting Scope to Specific Library using Physical Item or Physical holdings search

With the April 2022 release, it is possible to define a search to a specific library by default. The functionality is especially useful for institutions with several libraries or multiple campuses. Please note the definition is only possible for the Physical item or Physical holdings search.

1. Defining default library

a. Conduct a Physical items or Physical holdings keyword search, for example, Cats

b. From the Facet menu, click on Library Scope. The list of libraries opens. Select the library or libraries you want to display.

c. Scroll to the bottom of the library facet column to click Apply.

d. The preferred library physical item or physical holdings search scope remains selected until cleared.


2. Clearing default library

a. Conduct a Physical items or Physical holdings keyword search.

b. From the Facet menu, click on the defined Library scope.

c. Scroll to the bottom of the library facet column, and click Clear all.

d. The Physical item or Physical holdings search now defaults to all libraries.

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