PALS Generating Islandora 7 Metadata Review Spreadsheets

Generating Islandora 7 Metadata Review Spreadsheets

Reviewing metadata in Islandora 7 in preparation to migrate to Islandora 2. 

1. Pulling metadata sheets for every collection

Log into Islandora 7.

Navigate to the subcollection level.

Click on the Manage tab.

From the next screen, click on the Collection button at the top of the screen.

In the left column, select “General CSV file of metadata used in this collection.”

Click on the Generate metadata CSV button.

Download the metadata sheet. 

Repeat these steps for all collection.

2. The Spreadsheet

The top row represents the MODS field in Islandora 7. The column values represent the Metadata in each MODS field.

Associate MODS fields with ingest form entry fields.

Retrieve the object, and click on the Manage tab.

Click on Datastreams, find the MODS Record in the list, and select Edit.

Either the ingest form opens or selects the ingest form in order to open the ingest form.

Finding inconsistent Metadata

Filter the mods field row (top row).

To enable filtering, click on the number 1 to highlight the top row.

Select the data tab and choose filter.

Click on the filter to see the entire list of metadata values.

Inconsistent field names and uses

Across collections and ingest forms, the same Metadata was collected in different fields, make a note of the fields.

Consider fields that could be combined into one field across collections.

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