ILL Renewal Policies and Terms of Use

ILL Renew Borrowing and Lending Policy


When a borrowing request has been loaned to the patron, the patron may be allowed to request a renewal.

The borrowing library controls if the patron has the option to renew an ILL request and can set a maximum renewal period.
 The lending library can allow all renewals to be seen by staff or set a maximum renew date. When a maximum renew date is met borrowing renewals are automatically rejected.

Borrowing library Renewal policies- ILL item loaned to the patron 

A patron can request a renewal when the ILL request has been loaned to the patron. The borrowing library's "Loan" Rule type is used. The policies that are used for renewals are "Is Renewable", "Maximum Renewal Period" and "Due Date." An optional setting is "Time frame when loan renewal is allowed."

When a borrowing library does a "Receive" an item record is created. The item record is in the library borrowing location and the policies that control the loan of the item come from the "Loan" rule.
This allows the borrowing library to manage the item. This management can include limiting the renewal period.

1.) Alma Configuration
2.) configuring at library level
3.) Click on Fulfillment
4.) Find Physical Fulfillment
5.) Click on Fulfillment Units

Overview with numbered steps to access fulfillment unit

6.) Click on resource sharing unit, this unit will have a code of your library_FU to view policies
Library ILL fulfillment unit policies

7.) Click on tab "Fulfillment Unit Rules"
Location of Fulfillment Unit Rules tab

8.) Select "Rule Type" "Loan" from the dropdown menu
Drop down menu for Rule type

9.) Loan rules display. Click on a rule to see the Terms of Use.
Loan rules display

10. How the Loan rule should be used is displayed. A library can setup loan rule to be used based on "Item Policy," "Job Category," "Location," "Material Type," "Patron Affiliated Campus," "Process Type," "User Group" or "User Statistical Category." The loan rule will have a "Terms of Use" assigned. If no parameter is used the terms of use will be used for all loans of borrowed ILL requests.

11.) Click on "TOU Details" for the terms of use
Use parameters to assign a terms of use.

12.) The policies that make up the terms of use display
The "Policy Types" that are important for patron renewals:
"Is Loanable" an item must be loanable
"Due Date" When a patron asks for a renewal in Primo, the renewal request date comes from this field. 
"Is Renewable" This is a Yes or No choice
"Maximum Renewal Period" a borrowing library can set the amount of time a patron can have an ILL item. Like renewals for your own items. the maximum renewal period includes the first loan period. A borrowing library can choose to have no maximum renewal period.
"Time frame when loan renewal is allowed" a borrowing library can have patron wait to renew a loan. If the patron attempts to renew before the limit, they will see a "Not Renewable."  A library can choose "No limit" to not block when a patron can request a renewal.
The screen capture below shows the loan of an ILL item to a patron. The "Maximum renewal date" is determined by the borrowing library "Maximum Renewal Period."  When the icon "Not Renewable" is clicked on an information message stating when the item may be renewed displays. The message and icon display based on "Time frame when loan renewal is allowed."
Primo patron loan of an ILL request

Renewal process 

Patron in Primo

The interlibrary loan request is loaned to the patron and appears under the "Loans" tab in Primo.

When the patron is allowed to request a renewal "Renew" displays
Renew functionality allowed on patron's interlibrary loan request.

The patron will see a message "Renew request has been sent to resource sharing lender and is pending approval."
Response to patron renewal request

Borrowing Library- Staff

Borrowing library staff see the request status of "Renew Requested."  Borrowing library staff do not need to do any updating but may want to monitor requests with a status of "Renew Requested" and send a "General Message" asking about the renewal if a response is not sent from the lending library.
Borrowing request status is Renew requested.

Lending Library- Staff

The lending library will see renewal requests in the "Renew requested."

Lending request with status of Renew requested

With the "Renew requested" lending request displayed
1.) Click on "More actions" ellipse (three dots)
2.) From the dropdown menu click on "Renew"
Lending request shows Renew functionality.

A pop-up box "Renew" displays
3.) "Accept renewal request" click on "Yes" to renew the item. Click on "No" to not allow a renewal.
4.) "Due date" the due date displayed is the due date provided by the borrowing library or patron. A lending library can provide a longer due date or shorten the due date.
5.) The "Cancel" button causes the form not to be processed. The "Renew" button will send the Renewal Yes or Renewal No to the borrowing patron and library.
The "Internal note" is not necessary. Text in this note field will not be sent to the borrowing library. 
The "Note to partner" is not necessary. 

Lending renew form

After the lending library responds to the renewal request, the lending request status is "Received by partner."

Lending request status is Received by partner.

Patron in Primo

The patron will see the lending library response. 

Patron display of renewed ILL request with new due date and status of Renewed.

Borrowing Library- Staff

The borrowing library staff see the request status "Renewed by partner."
Staff view of renewed borrowing request.

Lending Library Renewal policies

1.) Click on Alma Configuration
2.) configuring at library level
3.) Click on Fulfillment
4.) Find Physical Fulfillment
5.) Click on Fulfillment Units

Configuration location for resource sharing

6.) Click on resource sharing unit, this unit will have a code of your library_FU to view policies
Resource sharing fulfillment unit.

7.) Click on "Fulfillment Unit Rules" tab
Location of Fulfillment unit rules tab

8.) "Rule type" select "Lending Resource Sharing" from the dropdown menu
Lending resource sharing rule type

9.) The "Lending Resource Sharing" rules display. Click on a rule to display the Terms of Use. A lending library can have multiple rules based on "Item Policy," "Location," "Material Type," or "Resource Sharing Partner" parameter. If no parameter is used then the Terms of use will be used for all returnable lending requests.

10.) The "Lending Rule" Terms of Use display
Terms of use for lending requests
"Due Date" policy is the default expected return date. When a lending library Ships an item the value in the "Due Date" field will used.
"Maximum Renew Date" allows a lending library to control how long an item can be out on ILL. In this example, the lending library can renew the item for an additional 60 days.

If the patron's renewal is for 61 days or more, the renewal request will be automatically rejected. The request status changes to "Renew Rejected." Lending library staff will not see the renewal request. The request will have a "Note to Partner [Renew} Note: Cannot be renewed, maximum renewal date (date and time) was exceeded." 

As a lending library you may want to consider if you want to use a "Maximum Renewal Date" or set this value to "Maximum Renew Date-None."  When "Maximum Renew Date- None" is used lending library staff will see all renewal requests.

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