EZproxy Statistics

EZproxy Statistics

PALS implemented ReadMETRICS (also known as ezmetrics) and monthly report emails began June 2022 for our PALS-hosted institutions. There are also reports in July and January containing six months of data. For most of our PALS-hosted institutions, data goes back to February 2021. Updates happen early Sunday mornings.

This open source software comes from a team in France. The EZproxy log files go through ezPAARSE then go into ezMESURE. See the diagram here. There are currently 614 parsers for our various vendors. Learn more here.

Remember that the data will be for off-campus users only unless you have switched to option 1 or 2:
  1. Option 1 - The best data will result from making all users authenticate through the proxy, both on and off campus. If you would ever want to look at usage combined with demographic data, you would want option #1, so that you could match on Starid.
  2. Option 2 - We can set it to autologin to EZproxy for the on-campus IP addresses so that users don't have to authenticate. Users should not notice a difference from what we have now. On-campus usage will be in the logs, but not with their Starids the way it would be for option #1.
A couple more things . . .
  1. No matter which option you choose, your proxy prefix remains the same and there are no extra costs for the new stats.
  2. If you realize down the line you want to switch to a different option, you can. Your logs will be changed from that point on, not retroactively.
  3. If you find you need to change your IP addresses with your vendors, you can do this via your vendor Admin areas, contacting them directly or Minitex has an IP Address Manager.

Your initial dashboard looked something like this:

Example DashboardExample Dashboard
  1. The records/events are the resources such as articles or videos.
  2. Format is mime type. We are seeing a large percentage of html and only a small amount of PDFs.
  3. Next is usage over time, where we see usage vary with the academic terms.
  4. Next, we see the most-used platforms/vendors for this institution.
  5. Lastly, we see percentages of the types/rtypes with articles being the most common for most institutions.

Currently, this tool doesn't retain login info. You can use this dashboard in combination with your EZproxy Admin, which has logins/sessions per day. Sadly, article titles don't come through often and this depends on the vendor. You can dig into the data through the urls if you want to explore something in detail. You can also customize your dashboard or create a new one. Please put in a ticket to get a login and/or ask questions.

More Resources

See what the ezTeam is working on (Hint: use Google Translate for the French parts):
  1. https://blog.readmetrics.org/
  2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcR-0UE9WjYiwS4fMG2T4tQ
  3. https://trello.com/b/wEaLnz8d/ezpaarse-analogist-suivi-des-plateformes
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