Creating Sets

Creating Sets

Use a set of records to run jobs against the records contained in the set. For example, deleting records in batch or making changes to holding or item records.
Search for holding or item records via the search bar or advanced search. Use physical titles or physical items search only. An all titles search does NOT enable the update records via the batch job functionality.  
Select the Save and Filer Query button to save the list of records. 

Enter a name for the set. You are strongly encouraged to start every set title with your initials, followed by a short title. Following this naming convention will make finding and management of sets easier. After entering a Set Name and description or note, if needed.  

A private set can only be viewed with the login under which the set was created. To make a set public, set the private toggle to no. 

Make sure the status is active and click save. 

Logical Sets – opening the set, the search query is re-run, and the set updates, i.e., the records within the set will change. 

Itemize Sets – the records within an itemized set are static. 

To ensure that any changes can be reversible, change a logical set to an itemized set. 
Admin -> Manage Sets -> Choose the All Sets tab -> in the search box, search for the set name. From the ellipses next to the set, choose Itemize -> on the next screen click submit and confirm. 
In order to have the option to reverse changes to records itemize the set. 

To make changes to records in the batch please see Update Records using Batch Jobs documentation. 

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