MnPALS creating a form based indication rule

Creating a Form Based Indication Rule

Indication Rules in Alma can assist you in finding specific MARC fields and data in those fields. Use the indication rule to filter a set of records by the indication rule parameter.

1. Creating form based indication rule

From the Resources menu, open the Metadata Editor.
In the left column, click on the Rules tab.
Click on the New menu in the main window, and choose Indication.
Enter a Name and Description. Select type Form, access level Shared, record type Bibliographic, format MARC21.

The indication form editor opens. Select the MARC field, indicator, and/or subfield you want to search.
Select the operator and enter the search terms (if applicable). 
Click Save.

2. Using the indication rule

Conduct a search in Alma and save the search results by selecting the Save and Filter Query button.
Enter a set name and save the set.
Retrieve the set from the Admin menu -> Manage Sets.
From the set's ellipses, choose filter set.
Choose the indication rule from the drop-down.
Click filter this set.

A job runs filtering the set. Pick up the filtered (results) set via the Admin menu -> Manage Sets. The completed set will have the title with the words filtered in the title.

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