Creating an eGovernment Document Scope

Creating an eGovernment Document Scope

The PALS office loads electronic government documents to the Network Zone. To retrieve the records in Primo, create a local resource type and electronic government documents scope. The electronic government documents bibliographic records include MARC field 901, where the subfield a equals egovdoc. This MARC field is necessary to create a local resource type used to pull the bibliographic records into the Primo scope. If you prefer to incorporate selected eGovernment Documents into your local collection, add a local portfolio. Electronic Government Documents represented in the Network Zone begin with the January 2018 FDLP published list.    

Please note that the names and labels in this document serve as an example. Each institution is unique. Choose your names and labels.  

Define a Local Resource Type  

Configuration -> Discovery -> Display Configuration -> Local Resource Type -> Add a Local Resource Type. Fill in the form with the following values. 
      Code = egovdoc 
      Select the active button 
      Display Singular Label = Electronic Government Document 
      Display Plural Label = Electronic Government Documents 
      RIS Type = Generic 
      Genre = Document 
      Metadata format = Book 
      Click on Add Condition 
      MARC field and subfield = 901 $a 
      Value in MARC field = egovdoc 
      Click Save 

Add a Custom Scope

Configuration -> Discovery -> Search Configuration -> Search Profiles -> Custom Local Data Scopes tab -> Add a Custom Scope. 
      Code = EGOVDOC 
      Name = Electronic Government Documents 
      Description = Electronic Government Documents 
      Scope Population = My Institution 
      Click on Add a Condition 
      Search Index = Choose Metadata: Resource Type from the dropdown 
      Operator = Equals 
      Value = Choose Electronic Government Documents from the dropdown 
      Click on Add Condition 

Add a Search Profile 

Configuration -> Discovery -> Search Configuration -> Search Profiles -> Search Profiles tab -> Add a Search Profile. 
      Code = EGOVDOC 
      Display Name = eGovernment Docs 
      Description = Electronic Government Documents 
      Click on Add Scope 
      Select Scope Type = Custom (Local data) 
      Select Custom Scope = Electronic Governments (EGOVDOC) 
      Click Add and Close       

Add a Search Slot 

Configuration -> Discovery -> Display Configuration -> Configure Views -> Select the active view to edit from the ellipses -> Search Profiles Slots Tab -> Click on Add a Slot. 
      Code = EGOVDOC 
      Name = eGovDoc (this is what will display to the public, choose a term that works for you) 
      Enter a description if you wish 
      From the list of Search Profiles below, toggle the Active button for the Electronic Government Documents search profile. 
      Using the arrows, move the search slot into the position best suited for your institution. 

Add a Local Field 

Configuration -> Discovery -> Display Configuration -> Manage Display and Local Fields -> Add Field -> Add local field. 
Field to Edit, choose the next one on the list. 
Display label = eGovernment Documents 
Select the Enable field for search and Enable field for the facet. 
Click on Add MARC21 Fields and select the 901 MARC field from the dropdown. Click Add. 
Click Save 
Click Apply rules 

Open a Support Center ticket, with PALS to run the “Recalculate Local Resource Type Job” on the Network Zone. Allow about 24 hours to populate the list fully. 

Option to create a local portfolio 

Only choose to create a local portfolio if you do NOT create a search scope and profile. 

Retrieve the title from within the Network Zone. 
Open the title in the Metadata Editor to edit the records. 
From the Menu bar, choose Add Inventory -> Add Portfolio.
Enter the following information into the New Portfolio form. 
In the Descriptive Information, choose to use the existing title for the creation type. 
In the General Information section, choose Standalone, or you may want to create a local electronic collection. 
In the Inventory and Linking Information section, check to ensure that the Availability Status is set to Active.  
Click Save and Done. 

Please note that the Portfolio will not appear to be active in the IZ because the titles and portfolios are managed on the Network Zone.  

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