Copy Cataloging using Search Resources

Copy Cataloging using Search Resources

Search and import bibliographic records from search resources (OCLC) using Alma. 

Searching Resources and Importing 

From the Alma Homepage -> Resources -> Cataloging -> Search Resources  
The search page uses your library’s  Search Cataloging Profile = XXX WorldCat. 
Search for the title using the search options. 
The bibliographic record(s) will display on the right OCLC screen. 
Click view to see more of the bibliographic record. 
Click import to move the bibliographic record from OCLC to Alma, and click Save. 

Adding Inventory 

Add inventory while the bibliographic is open in the Metadata Editor. 
Click on Add Inventory.
Choose Add MARC21 Holdings Books (Default).
Holding record opens on the right, fill in holding information. 
The first indicator of the 852 determines the call number type. More information:  
Call number mapping (Configuration -> Resources -> Other -> Call number mapping) determines which call number pulls into the holding record from the bibliographic record. 
Ctrl F opens the holdings editor. Enter the library into 852 subfield b, and enter the location into 852 subfield c. 
Click Save. If a call number is present in the bibliographic record, it will populate the holding record. 
Click Add Inventory again. 
Choose Add Item. 
Fill in the Item Editor page. 
Click Save. 

The bibliographic record, holding, and item record now reside in the Institution Zone. Remember to log into Connexion or CatExpress to update your library’s holdings using the OCLC number in MARC field 035 subfield a. 

Placement of the Bibliographic Record 

To determine record placement, open the Metadata Editor.  
From the new menu, choose Placement Options. 
Placement of new records and templates = “local” the imported bibliographic record saves to the Institution Zone. 
Local placement is recommended setting. 

Sharing the bibliographic record with Network Zone 

Open the bibliographic record in the Metadata Editor to edit. 
From the Record Actions menu, choose “Share with Network.” 

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