Call Number Mapping

Call Number Mapping

‚ÄčThe call number mapping configuration maps call numbers from the bibliographic record to the holding record. The mapping table is read from top to bottom, stopping once it finds a match. 

Customizing Call Number Mapping

Configuration -> Resources -> General -> Call Number Mapping
To move a mapping, use the up or down arrow. Alma reads the mapping from top to bottom.

Adding a mapping

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Fill out the form as follows:
      852 1st indicator - determines the call number type (0 = Library of Congress, 1 = Dewey Decimal). See MARC21 for holdings for more information.
      Bib Field to Copy - determines the MARC field in the bibliographic record to be copied to the holding record.
      Bib Subfield to Copy - subfields in the call number MARC field to be copied to the holding record.
      852 Subfield Destinations - maps the subfields to the 852 holding record.
      Description - Free form field, enter a description.

The question mark (?) serves as a wild card.
Alma adds the new mapping to the bottom of the mappings page. Use the up/down arrow to place the mapping into the appropriate spot.

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