Broken Link Reporting in Primo VE

Broken Link Reporting in Primo VE

Introduced by PALS in June 2020, PALS Tech Staff (mainly Simon Mai) adapted code shared on the Ex Libris Tech Blog allowing library patrons and staff to report problems linking out to Electronic Collections from Primo VE. Originally designed for use by a single library, PALS Tech Staff enhanced the code to allow multiple libraries to use the Broken Link Reporting functionality while allowing PALS staff to run a single instance of the background software that processes the Broken Link Reports.


Figure 1: Primo VE Screenshot with Report A Broken Link functionality implemented

The Report a Broken Link feature appears after the View It section in Primo VE that normally lists the various links out to your library's Electronic Collections. The form gathers data from the PNX record in Primo, and shares that information with the designated Library Staff. The patron can also add their email address to the Broken Link form, so that they get a copy of the email message as well as alert library staff to the patron needing assistance.


Figure 2: Primo VE Report A Broken Link form

Libraries, with help from PALS, can customize the form, including the drop-down menu description of the problem being reported.

Currently, 15 libraries in the MnPALS Consortium have implemented the Broken Link Reporting functionality through the PALS office. A couple other libraries have implemented the functionality in their own fashion. The implementation includes updates to your library's Primo Customization Package files, including the Custom CSS (Style Sheet) and Javascript files. Libraries can customize the form, including the dropdown menu list of problems.

If your library is interested in implementing this in your Primo VE instance, please contact PALS through the PALS Support Center to request implementation.

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