Borrowing Return an ILL request

Borrowing Return an ILL request

Borrowing Library Return an item

After a patron brings back their interlibrary loan back to the library, staff will need to Return the item to the lending library.

Item Loaned to the patron

When the patron brings the item back, staff can use "Fulfillment" and "Return Items." This is the same function that is used to discharge a loan.

Click on "Fulfillment" and then on "Return Items."
Fulfillment Return items

After clicking on "Return Items," "Manage Item Returns" display
Scan the item barcode into "Scan item barcode" field 
Click on "OK."
Return form with item barcode

A message "The item's destination is" displays with the lending library.
Click on "OK"
Return item message

Click on "Exit" to close the Return form
Exit the return form

The request status is "Returned item to partner."
ILL request status

Place the lending slip in the item with the lending library code facing up.

Return from a borrowing request

A borrowing request with a status of "Loaned to patron" or a request that has not been loaned to a patron can be updated to "Returned item to partner" from an ILL request.
Display the request
Click on "More actions" (three dots)
From the dropdown list click on "Return."
Return from an ILL request

A "Return" form displays
"Automatically print slip" set to No.
It is not necessary to add a note.
Click on "OK" to submit the Return. Click on Cancel to not return the item.

Return form

An informational message displays
Information message displays

The status updates to "Returned item to partner" and the loan is discharged from the patron's record,
Request status with Returned item to partner

Place the lending slip in the item with the lending library delivery code facing up.
Send the item back to the lending library. 

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