Borrowing request Receive a returnable request

Borrowing Request Receive a Returnable

Borrowing Request Receive a Returnable

When an item has been delivered to your library that next step is to Receive the item. The Receive can be done from the specific request or using the bulk Receive form. When a Receive is done, an item record is created. The item can be loaned to the patron.

Receive a request from a request

Access borrowing request from "Fulfillment" then "Resource Sharing" and then "Borrowing Requests."
Fulfillment Borrowing Requests

Physical items, like books or dvds, will have a status of "Shipped Physically." The Facet of "Shipped Physically" can be used to narrow the requests to the items that have been sent by the lending library.

Request More actions Receive

Click on "More Actions"
From the dropdown menu click on "Receive."

The "Receive" form displays
Receive form

Check the title and the External Identifier against the item you have.
"Received format" if this is a physical/returnable item the format should be "Physical."
"Temporary barcode" scan the barcode on the item. Staff may enter in a barcode such as the institution or delivery code and the request number. The barcode entered in this field will be used to loan the item to the patron.
"Automatically print slip" should be set to No.
"Automatically notify patron" check this box to send an email notice to your patron. This notice is the hold shelf notice.
"Location" should default to the correct location.
"Due Date" should be the date given by the lending library.
The other fields in the form are not mandatory to complete.
Click on "Go" in the upper right corner to Receive the item.

After receiving the request, use "Refresh" to showupdated request status.
Refresh button to show the updated status

After the "Refresh" is done the request shows that it was updated to "Physically received by library."
Request status of Physically received by library

The item can be placed on a hold shelf.
When the patron picks up the item, it can be loaned to the patron using the item barcode used to Receive the item. 

Receive a request using bulk Receive

Access borrowing requests and the bulk Receive from "Fulfillment" then "Resource Sharing" and then "Receiving Items."
Bulk action Receive location

A pop-up box "Received Items" displays

Receive form

Select "External Identifier"
"Received format" select the correct format. "Physical" is used for a returnable item.
"Automatically notify patron" select the checkbox to send an email notice to your patron.
"External Identifier" scan the borrowing request scannable barcode from the slip. This barcode is on the right side of the slip.
Click on "OK"

A "Receive Items" form displays.
Receive form

Make sure the title and External Identifier matches the item you have.
"Due date" should be the due date from the lending library.
"Temporary barcode" you may scan the barcode from the item. This is the barcode you will use to loan the item to the patron.
"Automatically print slip" 
"Location" should default to the correct location.
Click on "Save" in the bottom right corner to Receive the item. Click on "Cancel" to not receive the item.
After receiving one item the Receive form is displayed ready for you to receive another item. The request that was received is displayed below the "Received Items" form.

Received items

When you have completed receiving the shipped items, use "Clear List" to clear the display of Received items. 
Use "Cancel" to stop using the bulk "Receive."

Close the received form

A shipped request received from the specific request or using the bulk Receive will have a status of "Physical Received by library."

These requests may be loaned to the patron using the barcode that was entered/scanned into the "Receive" form.

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