Borrowing Library Staff Create a Request

Borrowing Library Staff Create a Request


Library staff can create a physical request for a patron by searching the network zone or by entering a request using a blank request form.

Search the network zone

Staff can search the network zone for a bibliographic record to use to create a returnable ILL request for a patron.
Search for titles in Network zone

1.) Set the search scope to the network zone 
2.) Select the "All titles" search from the dropdown list
3.) Select the search term from the dropdown list.
4.) Type in the search terms
5.) Click on the magnifying glass or press enter on your keyboard

Search results will display.
Title to request
Use "Facets" to narrow your search.
In this example the patron wants a physical book. So the "Book-Physical" is selected. Library staff should review the information about the title. Find the title that matches what the patrons wants. Staff do not have to select a library to request the item from. The library rota will be used to determine which libraries will be lending libraries on the request.

On the title that matches the patron request
ILL request on a title

Click on "More actions" (three dots)
From the dropdown list click on "Resource sharing request".

The request form displays
Adding patron to a request

Enter the patron's name or search for the patron from "Select from a list"

Request adding patron

No additional changes are needed.
Click on "Save" to keep the request and allow the locate and send to happen for this request.

To see the request click on "Fulfillment">Resource Sharing>Borrowing Requests
Fulfillment borrowing requests

The request status has updated to "Request sent to partner." The request has been sent to a lending library no additional updating is needed at this time.
Request created and sent to lending library

Create a Request from a blank request form

Staff can create a request for a returnable item by using the blank request form. 
Blank request form location

Click on "Create Request" 
From the dropdown list click on "Manually" and then from the menu click on "Book" or "Article."
The book form can be used for any type of returnable item, book, dvd or other returnable item.  

The Returnable request form is shown below. 
Physical blank request form
Enter information in as many fields as possible.

Add patron information to a request

Enter the patron name
No additional fields need to be completed.

Returnable request shows Save

Click on "Save" to keep the request.

The article or nonreturnable blank form

Select the "Article" form.

Article request form with Publication date

Enter the "Publication date" this will be used to calculate the copyright status.

Requester information and Requested format

Enter the "Requester"

"Requested Format"-Click on the arrow to expand the menu. Click on"Digital."
The format must be changed so the lending library gets the article information.

After the "Requested Format" is changed to digital, staff can update the copyright status.

Add copyright status or use Calculate Copyright Status

"Copyright Status" field use the dropdown arrow to expand the menu. Select a copyright designation.
Or click on "Calculate Copyright Status" for the software to apply  copyright rules.

No additional fields need to be updated. 

Save button on a request

Click on "Save" to save the request.

Book Chapter Requests

If staff want to ente a request for a chapter from a book use the "Book" request form.
Chapter fields in Book request

Enter information about the request, specifically information about the chapter or pages that are needed.
"Requested Format"- Click on the arrow to expand the menu and click on "Digital."

A "Digital" request needs a copyright designation. 
Provide copyright designation on a request

"Copyright Status" field click on the down arrow to expand the menu.
Select a copyright designation.

If a publication year was entered into the "Publication Date" field, the "Calculate Copyright Status" button can be used to set the copyright designation.

Click on "Save" to keep the request.

If a request for pages or a chapter does not have a copyright designation of CCG or CCL, the lending library may send a Message asking for copyright designation or reject the request.

Check Request Status

After creating a request, check the request status. The status should be "Request sent to partner." 

If the request status is  "Ready to be Sent." Check to see if the title or article is owned or available at your library. If the requested item is not available, make sure to "Send" the request. If the title or article is available cancel the request.

If the request status is "Pending Approval" update the copyright status and send the request.

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