Delete MARC fields automatically

Automatically Deleting MARC Fields

The OCLC Normalization Rule applied during importing bibliographic records to Alma includes the normalization rule “Delete MARC Tags at Import.” When importing MARC bibliographic records, the rule will delete the following MARC fields when importing MARC bibliographic records 015, 016, 029, 051, 055, 071, 263, 265, 350, 994.
In addition, Connexion and CatExpress also have the functionality to delete specified MARC fields before export automatically.

Connexion Client
Open the Connexion Client from the Tools menu choose Options. Click on the Export tab. Next, choose Field Export Options. Enter the MARC fields you do NOT want to export. Separate individual fields with a comma or enter a range. (e.g.: 263, 262-263).
Click OK, and on the main export window, click on Apply.

Log into CatExpress and click over to the General tab. From the Admin Options dropdown menu, choose Preferences. Next, choose Export Options and enter MARC fields to delete before exporting into the Bibliographic Records field. Separate individual fields with a comma or enter a range. (e.g.: 263, 262-263).
Lastly, click on the Save My Default button to save the option.

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