Alma Digital Delivery

Alma Digital Delivery

Alma Digital Delivery


Alma Digital Delivery functionality allows a library to send a digital file of an article, book chapter or other scanned material directly to a patron. The patron creates an article or book chapter digital request. The request goes to a lending library which is on the digital rota. The lending library finds and saves the article or book chapter. Then the lending library selects "Ship Item Digitally" and attaches the file. The patron receives an email with a link to the article or book chapter file. The email the patron receives has the patron's home library branding and information. Staff at the patron's home library have access to the file and will help to resolve any problems with the file. In order for this functionality to work, the "Document Delivery Notification" letter has been enabled. If a library had already edited this letter it was not updated. 

The MnPALS group that investigated "Ship item digitally" functionality recommended eight views of digitally supplied document. Also that the scanned document be available for thirty days. There was general consensus to use these settings. Minitex has agreed to use eight views and thirty days for access for requests they supply using "Ship Item Digitally."  This is true for requests supplied from MNU University of Minnesota Twin Cities and MII Minitex.


Patron Borrowing Request

A patron will create a request for an article or book chapter as they usually do.

Patron creates request in Primo


The borrowing request is for a digital format. The potential lending libraries are libraries that have this resource and are on your library's digital rota.
Article borrowing request digital format

Patron access to article, book chapter, scanned material

When the lending library uses "Ship Item Digitally" to send an article request, book chapter or scanned materal, the patron will receive an email from their library. The patron in the screen capture examples is from Sandbox 1 (Hennepine Technical College), the patron see their home library information in the email. The patron will not see the lending library information. If there are any issues with the request, the patron will contact their home library for assistance.

Patron email notification 

The email that displays for the patron is the "Document Delivery Notification" letter.
To access the article or book chapter, the patron clicks on the word "LINK"
Email sent to a patron with a link to the article

A login form displays. The patron provides their campus or library authentication. This is the login the patron uses to login to Primo.

Patron authentication

Depending on the patron's browser settings, the article will download or display as a pop-up.
Sample article

Patron access to the article, book chapter, scanned material from Primo

The patron can access the article, book chapter or scanned material when they are logged into Primo. The article is on their "Requests" tab.

Patron's Primo account Requests tab

When a request has been filled by the lending library and is ready for the patron to view, a "DOWNLOAD" icon displays. There is information about the total number of views for the request. This information does not change as the patron views the article.  The patron is informed of the total number of views but not the number of views that are remaining.

Patron view of filled request with download option

The patron clicks on "DOWNLOAD," and the document displays.
Sample article downloaded

The number of view includes accessing the article from the email and from Primo "Requests" tab. There are eight views in total. A patron can save a file for later use.

Borrowing Request - Staff interface Troubleshooting the request

When a lending library has supplied the borrowing request, the request status is "Request Completed." Staff can search for the completed request in Alma. If the patron has any issues with the request, the patron will contact their home library for help.

The Borrowing request status is "Request Completed." If a patron has questions, borrowing library staff will need to search for the request.  For example, a patron may say the wrong article was sent or the file is missing pages. A patron may have viewed the request too many times.

Search for and Display the request

In the "Persistent menu bar"
Staff search for a borrowing request

1.) Select "Borrowing requests"
2.) Select a search term such as "Title," "Requester," or "External Identifier"
3.) Enter the appropriate information 
4.) Click on the magnifying glass or use Enter on your keyboard
5.) The request displays

"Show File"- Patron says the file does not match the article request, the file is missing pages, or the scan is illegible

Borrowing library staff should first view the file to confirm what the patron is experiencing.

Follow the directions "Search for and Display" the request to find the request.
1.) Confirm that this is the correct request
2.) Click on "More actions"
3.) From the dropdown list select "Show File"
Staff select Show file from more actions

4.) The file displays and can be reviewed with the patron.
Sample downloaded file

5.) If there is a problem with the file note the problem and the completed external identifier number (request number).
Since this request is completed a message or other updating on the request cannot be done.
6.) A new request must be entered and a "General Message" must be sent. The message must include the previous external identifier number (request number) and details about the problem with the request.

New request and Message- wrong file, missing pages, scan not legible

After using "Show file" and determining there is a problem with the file, staff will need to create a new borrowing request. The previous borrowing and lending request status is "Completed." "Completed" requests cannot be updated, so a new request must be created. In addition, to creating a new request staff will send a "General Message" on the new request. The "Message" should provide the former request number and what was wrong with the old request- for example, it was missing pages provide the page numbers, the scan could not be read, or the wrong file was sent. Provide as specifc information as you can this will help the lending library provide a corrected file.

Display the former request

Staff select Duplicate from More actions

1.) Click on "More actions"
2.) From the dropdown list select "Duplicate"

A pop-over window displays

Staff check borrowing request information, select copyright designation

3.) Check the information in the request and verify that the patron's name is in the "Requester"field
4.) Select the "Copyright Status"
5.) Click on "Save"

Use the "Refresh" arrow  to show the request's current status. After the request status is updated to "Request sent to partner," make sure to send a "General Message on the request. In the message text, provide the former External Identifier (request number) what was wrong with the file. 

Send a "General Message" on the new request and provide information

Display the new request

Staff from more actions select General message

1.) Click on "More Actions"
2.) Click on "General message" from the dropdown list

Message text and Send

3.) In the Message text box, provide the previous external identifier (request number) and the problem with the previous request.
4.) Click on "Send"

Remember to check for Messages from the lending library. The lending library may need clarification on the issue.

Borrowing Library- Patron has viewed too many times

After the patron has viewed the request eight times, they will see a message that the maximum number of views has been exceeded. If the request is within thirty days, borowing staff can use "Resend patron email" to send the email to the patron and reset the number of views to eight views. If a request is past thirty days, a new request must be created. 

Patron view of message that a request has been viewed too many times

Borrowing staff- "Resend patron email"

Search for and display the request

Staff from More actions select Resend patron email

1.) Click on "More actions"
2.) Click on "Resend patron email" from the drop-down menu.

Successful resend provides informational message email sent to patron

3.) An informational message, "Document Delivery email was sent to the patron," displays.

The request displays again the patron's Primo "Requests" tab with a "DOWNLOAD" icon. The patron sees a message about the maximum number of views.
Patron view Download is an option and maximum views reset

The email is sent again to the patron. The patron can access the article again by clicking on "LINK" and authenticating with their campus or library authentication.

Patron email with link is resent to the patron


As a lending library article or book chapter requests can be sent directly to the borrowing library patron using "Ship Item Digitally."  Article or book chapter requests may have a status of "Locate Failed",  "Being Processed", or "Created lending requests."  

As a lending library make sure to understand license terms for databases.

Ship Item Digitally

An article request will have a requested format of "Requested: Article (Digital)" and "Electronic."
1. ) Click on "More Actions

Digital article request

From the drop down menu
2.) Click on "Download Electronic Resource."
Update request using Download electronic resource

3.) Click on database whose coverage and license terms allow your library to fill the request.
Database options

4.) Download or save the article
Article in database

5.) When saving the file add the request number to the beginning of the file.

Name article file with request number

The request number at the beginning of the file is helpful for the next step. 

6.) From the request "Drop a file or browse" for the file
Add a file to a request

File location

7.) The file name will appear, check that the request number in the file matches the request number.
 Click on "Ship" to send the file.

Check that the correct file has been added. Ship the request

After the "Ship" an informational message "Document delivery handled successfully."
Informational message that document delivery was completed.

The lending request "Activity Status" is "Completed."  The request status is "Shipped Digitally."

Completed requests have status of Shipped digitally

Wrong File selected

If you select the wrong file you can remove the file before the request is shipped. 

Click on the "More Actions" next to the file and then click on "Remove."
Remove a file before Ship

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