Alma Borrowing Request Staff Create a Returnable Request for a patron

Alma Borrowing Request Staff Create a Returnable Request for a patron

Staff Create a Request

Create a Returnable request

Staff can create a returnable request for a patron using a blank form.

From "Fulfillment" select "Borrowing Requests"
Borrowing request under Fulfillment

Then click on "Create Request"
Location of Create Request

Then click on "Manually" and then "Book"  The form is for a returnable item- not just a book.

Select manually and then book

A blank request form displays. Complete as many fields as possible
The form defaults to the "Requester" field
Patron section of a request

After the patron information is entered scroll up and enter information about the request. Complete as many fields as possible.
Click on "Save"
Form to complete with information about a request

The locate process will automatically run and lending libraries will be added to the request. 

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