Adding Item Retentions

Adding Item Retentions (GreenGlass)

For GreenGlass MnSPOC participants it is highly recommended to add GreenGlass retentions to item records. Adding a retention to the item record prevents the items deletion.

1. Adding a Retention Reason

  1. Configuration -> Resources -> Collection Retention -> Item Retention Reason.
  2. Click on Add Row and enter a code and description.
  3. Click Add Row from within the box.
  4. Click Customize in the corner to confirm the addition.

2. Preparing and running the job

  1. Copy the columns with the item id to a new spreadsheet using the spreadsheet returned from OCLC. In the spreadsheet, change the column header to PID; the column under the header should list the IDs.
  2. Save the spreadsheet.
Create Set
  1. Open Alma.
  2. From the Admin menu, choose Manage Sets -> Add an itemize set -> Enter a Set name and change the Set Content type to Physical Items. In the Add Contents from File to Set area, click the radio button From File, and use the browse to navigate to the spreadsheet with PID header.
  3. Click Save. Alma runs a job to add the items specified in the spreadsheet to the set.
Run Job
  1. Admin -> Run a Job -> Change Physical Items Information -> Select the set -> Scroll down to the Change retention information
  2. Select the buttons infront of Set item committed to retain to: change radio button to yes and Select the Retention Reason.
  3. Click Next to run the job.

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