Adding Collections for display in Primo

Adding Collections for display in Primo

Instructions to create collections in Alma for display in Primo. For example, used to highlight New Book, DVD, or Subject Area collections.

1. Creating a Collection
In Alma from the Resources menu -> Manage Inventory -> Manage Collections -> Add Top-Level Collections 
Record Format is MARC21 Bibliographic.
Enter a title in the Bibliographic Record Information section. The title entered here will be the title of the collection in Primo and the 245 for the associated bib record.
Also, enter the name for the collection in the General Information area. That is how you will retrieve the collection in Alma with a Collection search. Both title and name can be the same.
Select your library
Select your library and click 'Save.'

2. Adding Titles to Collection
Retrieve the Collection by using a Collection Search, next click on Collection to edit the Collection.
Click over to the Titles tab.

Option to add titles by selecting Add Title and searching for individual titles.
Select desired titles and click on the Add Titles button in lower corner.

Option to add titles using a set.
Create the set and save the set.
From within the collection choose Add Titles from Set.
Select the set and click Add Set Titles.

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