Adding 583 Retention Field to Network Zone Bibs (GreenGlass)

Adding 583 Retention Field to Network Zone Bibs (GreenGlass)

Adding the 583 retention MARC field to the Network Zone, requires a set of records to be saved to the Network Zone. Once the set is in the Network Zone, PALS staff will run the normalization rule in the Network Zone.

  1. Copy and paste the Bib Control number column from the spreadsheet received from OCLC with the retentions listed to a new spreadsheet and save the spreadsheet. The column header needs to be MMS ID.
  2. Admin – Manage Sets -> Create an itemized set -> Make sure the set is an all-titles set.
  3. Choose from the file -> Navigate to the spreadsheet with the MMS IDs.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Navigate to the set, and from the action menu, choose Save to Network.
  6. Change the set name to be GreenGlass, Institution Name, Date and Time.
  7. Click create.
Open a Support Center ticket. The PALS office will need to know the following information:
1. Set Name.
2. MARC Organization Code
3. If you want a public note, text of the public note.

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